About Waves Flip Flops

It took us awhile but we finally created the perfect pair of flip flops. They are sustainable, durable, and friendly to the environment. Waves is inspired by the ocean so it was important for us to ensure that we do not leave a negative impact on the environment.

Waves flip flops are made from premium grade natural rubber, tapped directly from rubber trees in Sri Lanka. We work with master artisans and expert rubber tappers to create each pair of flip flops. We ensure all of our flip flops are ethically produced, providing fair wages and opportunities for all of our employees that help create every pair.

How often do you think about what your flip flops are made of? Instead of using plastic or other toxic materials that degrade over time, we decided to make our flip flops out of eco-friendly natural rubber. It’s also extremely light-weight with a silky-smooth texture. Because of its elasticity, our natural rubber flip flops actually mold to each foot. A perfect combination of comfort and firmness, these natural rubber flip flops conform to the unique curves of your feet so you get targeted support right where you need it.

We urge you to put our flip flops to the test. Run on sand, in the ocean and through the forest. Waves flip flops are designed to last through every adventure for many years of exploration.